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Our product line coverage outdoor digital signage, elevator digital signage, advertising digital signage, wall mounted digital signage, floor standing digital signage, interactive touch screen kiosk, LCD video wall display, interactive touch screen table, touch screen interactive whiteboard, bus advertising player, sharing charger kiosk, self service kiosk, stretched LCD display, etc.


Application covering media, education, telecommunications, finance, transportation, brand retails, governments, smart cities etc.


We stick to the policy of "deliver high quality products and offer reliable quality control inspection services as quickly as possible to meet our customer satisfaction".


We can offer customers from concept creative designto tailor products, from professional manufacturing innovation to a final production sales.


OEM/ODM process


1. Get Idea from Clients


2. Design 3D draw for confirming

3. Confirm the design


4. Draw CAD structure


5. Produce sample to confirm the details


Besides manufacture, Shenzhen smart display technology  also focus on development of multi media advertisement publishing system, interactive system technology.


We received software copyrights, national high-tech enterprises, ouble soft enterprises, appearance patent and utility model patents etc. certification this years.


We are trying to become the world's most professional and strong high-tech enterprise in commercial display field, so could providing the most advanced multimedia marketing platform, to promote enterprise informatization and digitizing.