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Black technology around us: Samsung outdoor advertising machine shines with backlight

October 8, 2023

Latest company news about Black technology around us: Samsung outdoor advertising machine shines with backlight

Walking in the Olympic core area where Myeongdong, Beijing Water Cube and Bird's Nest are located in Seoul, South Korea, outdoor advertising machines broadcast various news, entertainment or advertising contents in real time everywhere, making the bustling metropolis more beautiful and "smart". As the use scenarios of outdoor advertising machines gradually expand from semi-outdoor to fully outdoor, the challenges they face become more diverse. Not only do they have higher and higher requirements for screen brightness, but they also need to adapt to the all-weather complex external environment. As a leading brand in the field of screen displays, Samsung's outdoor advertising machines have outstanding displays and have conquered the Germans, who are famous for their rigor, with their strength. Recently, a German professional digital signage consulting agency conducted a set of evaluations with intuitive vision. Feel the comparison to show the outstanding display effect of Samsung outdoor monitor.

(Samsung OHD display effect of 3000cd brightness under strong light conditions)

The brightness standard of the outdoor advertising display industry is that it needs to reach 1500cd/M2 (hereinafter referred to as cd) in an unobstructed skylight environment before it can be called an outdoor display. The brightness of Samsung's OHD series outdoor displays can be as high as 3000cd, which is twice as high as the industry standard. Through the comparison of a set of monitors from 450cd to 3000cd, we can intuitively feel that the display effect of only 1500cd brightness under daylight conditions is unsatisfactory. This means that a display brightness of only 1500cd will cause attenuation and loss of visual information transmission, and will not be able to attract attention. Samsung's OHD series monitors with 3000cd brightness can ensure a clear and bright display even in the face of strong light at noon, allowing the image to shine "backlit".

"Anti-glare" as a screen display technology has been widely used in daily life such as mobile phones, tablets and monitors. But for outdoor advertising machines, if they do not want to become a "public dressing mirror", they need higher anti-glare indicators. Especially when used in information display scenarios in the transportation industry, if there is unclear display or strong light refraction, it will bring great hidden dangers to road safety. Through unique technology, Samsung outdoor advertising machines can effectively enhance the visibility of the picture and reduce the specular reflection generated by the screen by enhancing the contrast of the picture and Samsung's exclusive patented reflection elimination film.latest company news about Black technology around us: Samsung outdoor advertising machine shines with backlight  0

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