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Company News About How to make your digital signage attractive

How to make your digital signage attractive

How to make your digital signage attractive

[Introduction]: With the growth of operators, marketing and brand publicity opportunities increase, digital signage has been exposed to exponential growth in dining space. But there is still an important factor for brand deployment digital signs: it adds customers' residence time to bring more income.
Beijing time on November 30th news, China Touch Screen News, with the growth of operators, increased marketing and brand publicity opportunities, digital signage has been exposed in the dining space. But there is still an important factor for brand deployment digital signs: it adds customers' residence time to bring more income.

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The following is the four digital signage applications where the restaurant provides applications for customers:


Some car restaurants will use digital signage. But even if the restaurant does not have to speed the car, it is also possible to use the outdoor LCD, LED monitor for brand propaganda, show menu, attracting the pedestrians.

Interior queuing

When the customer is waiting, the digital display can display promotional activities or catering services. Meals, for many brands, especially for lunch, and group reservations, etc., it is important. It is also very important to use good customers. Some brands also use the self-service terminal to order, allowing customers to pay their own payment without waiting for the cashier.

Menu board

Many restaurants with counter service have gradually started to transition to digital menu boards, and some are also displayed by the display to make a meal and advance booking.

Dining area

The restaurant can play brand video or entertainment, or demonstrate high-profit products such as specials and desserts at customers in order to make visual additional sales.

All of the above cases can effectively increase customer residence time (while reducing customer waiting time) while adding a restaurant income.

Extended residence time

If a customer enters a fast food restaurant, it will generally expect to get the food you get the food and complete it quickly, then leave the restaurant. The leisure industry is not so hastily, and will encourage customers to relax and stay more. At this time, the digital sign can be used up.

You can also use digital signage to run promotional activities, interact with customers. The higher the customer's participation, the longer the time of the stay. For example, the counter service restaurant can show seasonal special drink promotional information.

Although the customer's stay time becomes longer, digital signage can effectively help customers relax and reduce time urgency.

It can even take advantage of LCD, video walls, and even different types of entertainment technology such as projectors. Some brands use the projector to present the interactions and entertainment programs directly to the desktop or wall, while others may run games, entertainment information or activities on digital display and TV walls.

Easy, interesting atmosphere can make a family out of meal, the children are no longer bored, and the adults can usher in the time of quiet meals.

You can also use the digital sign for the dining area to run the game, interact with customers, and winners can get free food or coupons. The higher the customer's participation in the game, the longer the time to stay.

You can also share your dinner experience to social media through customers, thereby promoting brands and improving interaction. Moreover, these social interactions can also be presented through the video wall or display (hereinafter, it is also required to ensure that the content uploaded by the customer is appropriate).

Customers who are queuing ordering can view promotions, entertainment, news and other information through the monitor. Adding interaction through digital displays to help optimize dining experience.

By encouraging longer residence time, shorter expected waiting time can increase the per capita consumption amount and ensure that customers' visit.