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Company News About InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force

InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force

InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force

InfoComm is back in full swing. After four years of a COVID-driven erratic schedule, the audio expo has returned with a four-day slate of training (June 8-11) and three days of exhibits (June 12-14) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Backed by the Audio Visual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA), Infocomm is putatively the leading installed-AV trade show in the U.S. (AVIXA partners with CEDIA — Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association — for the similarly themed Integrated Systems Europe annual expo.) However, the rise of digital technology means that many of the same vendors who show at events like the NAB Show and IBC are also present in force at InfoComm.

More specifically, InfoComm has become the de facto leading live-sound expo in the world. Sound-system manufacturers may make some deals at their booths on the show floor, but the meat-and-potatoes of their wares are on vividly loud display in the LVCC’s massive demo rooms. System subwoofers have the nearly 30 ft. needed to unroll just half a 20-Hz wavelength — the kind of low-frequency punch now required in a venue like Madison Square Garden, whether the featured act there is Justin Timberlake or the New York Knicks.

Here, in the first of a two-part preview, are some of the new audio products that will be on the InfoComm show floor, including massive PA components that sports venues rely on to create sonic fan engagement.

latest company news about InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force  0Audinate (Booth 8012), developer of the Dante AV-over-IP solution, will demo the addition of Dante Media Encryption to the evolving security features and benefits of the Dante platform. Dante Media Encryption protects the content of media flows using strong AES-256 encryption, safeguarding media from interception or unauthorized access. Designed with security at its core, Dante offers device-, network-, and media-level protections for pro-AV manufacturers to integrate into their products and system solutions. The accelerating convergence of AV equipment and IT network technologies has increased the need for integrators and manufacturers to provide network protection with security-conscious designs and adherence to emerging IoT (Internet-of-Things) network regulations.

latest company news about InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force  1Clear-Com (Booth C5515) will announce an updated version of Arcadia intercom platform, equipped with new features and expanded device support. Features include I.V. Direct Interfacing, allowing effortless interfacing with LQ, Eclipse E-IPA, and other Arcadia systems over LAN, WAN, or the internet to ensure robust and versatile connectivity options for diverse operational needs. Additionally, the increased capacity for FreeSpeak II digital-wireless-system beltpacks and IP transceivers means that Arcadia now supports a significantly higher number of these devices, accommodating larger teams and more-complex communication requirements. Furthermore, Arcadia doubles the number of supported HelixNet User Stations, suiting it to larger and more demanding communication setups. Finally, the Gen-IC Virtual Intercom cloud-based communication technology is ready to ship.

latest company news about InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force  2

Studer Vista-BRAVO

Evertz (Booth C5527) will be exhibiting the Studer Vista-BRAVO, which integrates Studer’s Vista digital mixing consoles with BRAVO Studio to create a complete production suite. The introduction of Vista BRAVO access to a full mixing console adds enhanced audio capabilities to the production platform. Vista BRAVO controls can be accessed with the 12-fader mixing console or through Evertz VUE and BRAVO-WAVEBOARD motorized fader unit for remote control. Also, Studer will be supporting the Waves FX plugins on Vista.

Lawo HOME mc² DSP

Lawo (Booth C5027) showcases scalable production-infrastructure solutions for stadium and campus applications as well as corporate broadcast. The ultra-low-latency Lawo HOME mc² DSP app is the latest addition to the HOME apps family. This server-based, agile audio engine combines the flexibility of the HOME Apps platform, in respect to connectivity and scalability, with Lawo’s audio-processing quality. HOME mc² DSP can be used with mc² mixing consoles or can function as a virtual mixing system. Part of the HOME Apps platform, the HOME mc² DSP app leverages Lawo’s Flex licensing and subscription model, allowing users to reallocate subscription credits to any available HOME App, whether audio or video, for tight budget control. It is also easy to move from one location to another, such as a production hub and a production truck or a remote location. With Lawo’s VSC app for macOS, users can connect a computer to any RAVENNA/AES67–compatible studio hardware or software. The Lawo Power Core Gateway is a software-defined, networked DSP mixing engine and modular I/O node for live sound and broadcast applications. It provides 128 channels of standard I/O, with functions controlled remotely from an mc² console or Lawo’s mxGUI software for Mac and PC. The new Gateway software update offers support for the 96 kHz/2 FS sample rate.

latest company news about InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force  4

Riedel Bolero beltpack

Riedel Communications (Booth C5109) will feature the Bolero wireless intercom system, showcasing both the DECT 1.9-GHz and the 2.4-GHz versions compatible for combined networks. The company’s PunQtum digital partyline now seamlessly integrates with Bolero. The Artist-1024 will be on display alongside the SmartPanel 2300 and 1200, with hybrid-lever keys offering versatile interfaces. Riedel’s live-video-production arsenal will be featured, including the Simplylive Production Suite, RiMotion replay system, and the newly updated RiCapture ingest recording with new SSE interface alongside the venue gateway and web multiviewer, facilitating straightforward, scalable live video production from anywhere. Also featured: MediorNet IP solutions for comprehensive video and audio processing and distribution, the HorizoN hybrid processing platform, and the FusioN compact edge device for ST 2110/HDMI and SDI conversion and processing.

latest company news about InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force  5

RTS OMNEO main station

RTS Intercom Systems (Booth C8901) will announce the global launch of the RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite, the next-generation software ecosystem designed for faster and more flexible configuration of OMNEO-based RTS intercom systems. The software supports ADAM, ADAM-M, and ODIN matrices, as well as OMS from the RTS Digital Partyline family. The software expands the capabilities of RTS AZedit configuration software for more efficiency, speeds up day-to-day tasks for RTS matrix intercom systems of any size and complexity, provides multi-window and multi-screen support for intuitive configuration and control, and supports Windows and macOS. RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite software is being introduced via a phased rollout: users can add the new software for access to additional modules and features as they are released.

latest company news about InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force  6

Shure SLX-D Portables

Shure (Booth C8334) is showcasing SLX-D Portables, the latest expansion of its SLX-D digital wireless family. Included are the SLXD5 portable digital wireless receiver and SLXD3 plug-on digital wireless receiver. SLX-D Portables offer the scalability, high-performance wireless, digital audio, reliable RF performance, and convenient power management of SLX-D in a new form factor. The latest addition to the Axient Digital wireless system is the ADX3 plug-on transmitter, which enables real-time remote control of key parameters. Following the launch of the MXA902 ceiling array microphone and loudspeaker last year, Shure extended its Microflex Ecosystem array portfolio with the new Microflex Advance MXA901 conferencing ceiling array microphone. Onboard IntelliMix DSP delivers echo- and noise-free audio, and the next-generation array architecture ensures enhanced directional pickup.

latest company news about InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force  7

SSL Live Bundle for installed sound

Solid State Logic (Booth C9441) will launch its SSL Live Bundles, which provide complete systems — console, I/O, interface — for installed sound, including in sports venues. SSL Live Bundles, which are scalable to meet the end user’s production requirements and budget, deliver advanced routing and connectivity, including remote control via TeamViewer and SuperAnalogue Dante and MADI-based I/O in bundles. SSL will also showcase its latest range of SSL Live mixing consoles, including the compact L350 Plus and the flagship L650 console, and a selection of its SuperAnalogue network I/O. SSL’s new virtual mixer, Tempest Control App (TCA), a fully featured software mixer that enables operators to control every aspect of System T’s mixing, routing, processing, and monitoring from a touchscreen, will be making its Infocomm debut. SSL is also expanding its Certified Training.

latest company news about InfoComm 2024, Part 1: Live-Sound Show Returns in Full Force  8

Wisycom wireless and distributed-antenna systems

Wisycom (Booth C9727) will present several of its latest wireless and distributed-antenna systems: the MPR52-ENG portable ultra-wideband receiver, MRK16 multichannel receiver system, and MTP61 miniature bodypack transmitter. The company will also highlight its RF-over-fiber support via the new BFL interfaces and optional EX3 card for the MRK16. Designed for professional ENG applications, the MPR52 compact, two-channel diversity receiver with both analog and digital outputs offers up to 790 MHz bandwidth in the 470-1260 MHz range, along with next-generation multi-band front-end filtering. Capable of managing up to 16 true diversity channels, the MRK16 modular wireless microphone receiver system in a 19-in. 1RU aluminum chassis can be daisy-chained up to four times for 64 channels of audio in just 4RU. The MTP61 miniature multiband bodypack transmitter is just 66.8 mm tall and 47 mm wide, weighs 94 g, and has the widest tuning range currently available (470 to 1260 MHz, country-dependent). The BFL portable RF-over-fiber interfaces, the BFLR1 receiver, and BFLT1 transmitter are compact, easy-to-set-up solutions offering a way for users to support RF coverage and distribution requirements without concern for cable loss.