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Company News About The Future of Digital Signage at Large Events

The Future of Digital Signage at Large Events

The Future of Digital Signage at Large Events


In the last year, event organizers have been focusing on additional ways to integrate digital signage to control crowds and increase personalization for attendees at larger venues. Now, with many industries focusing on technological trends like AI, smart system connectivity, and sustainability, event organizers have even more promising developments to look forward to. Here’s what you can expect from the digital signage industry for 2024 and beyond.


Keeping Up with Digital Signage Trends

Of course, the most familiar usage of digital signage is probably to offer dynamic advertising opportunities for sponsors. Having digital signs means you can update content throughout the event to highlight different messages or promotions, adding value to sponsorships and enhancing the attendee experience with relevant offers. Today, advances in software that has the ability to mix in programmatic advertising content with the venue’s regularly scheduled content has allowed venues to recognize even more revenue from their digital signage networks.

Programmatic advertising involves the use of software to sell and display ads in real time without human intervention. By incorporating these ads into the regular flow of content, such as information about events or promotions, venues can capitalize on viewer engagement more effectively. This strategy ensures that the advertising content is relevant and timely, increasing its impact and value.

Today, signs can even change ad content and sequencing dynamically using AI. Soon, you might even occasionally see some fully AI-generated images and text making their way onto display screens, though widespread adoption at scale is likely still far off. Whether AI in signage will be successful will depend on how well companies review the content creation process to ensure images are acceptable and text is accurate.