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Company News About What will the combination of smart display and the "Metaverse" look like?

What will the combination of smart display and the "Metaverse" look like?

What will the combination of  smart display  and the

According to the "2021 China Commercial Large-screen Display Market Scale Forecast" released by IDC, the sales of my country's commercial large-screen display market will reach 60.4 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 22.2%. In recent years, under the catalysis of new technologies such as 5G, AI, and IoT, commercial display devices have become the core of interaction between people and data. The "Prediction" pointed out that the growth driving force of this market in the future will mainly come from LED small-pitch, interactive electronic whiteboard and advertising machine products.
What will the combination of Shang Xian and the "Metaverse" look like? Lao Shen tried to create a large-scale virtual social world of Shangxian, which covers the upstream and downstream industry chain resources of Shangxian. The real Shangxian people have a real identity of "virtual" certification, and can access the businessxian virtual anytime, anywhere. In the social world, communication and payment transactions are made in this virtual space. Virtual business display exhibitions, symposiums, new product releases, industry technical exchanges, spot processing, after-sales outsourcing, etc. can all be completed through the business display virtual social world. At the same time, potential domestic and foreign customer groups come in as tourists and customers. Communicating with people. Integrating domestic commercial display resources and then opening up foreign countries, the feasibility of combining commercial display with "metaverse" is still worthy of in-depth scrutiny. This may also be an Internet subversion of commercial display. If you are interested, you can discuss it together.