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2x2 2x3 3x3 4x4 Led Video Wall Processor Hd 4k

2x2 2x3 3x3 4x4 Led Video Wall Processor Hd 4k
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Type: Video Wall Processor
Waranty: 1 Year
Interface: LAN*1*HDMl Out, VGA DVI Output USB, HDMI, VGA, AV
Color: Black
Application: Indoor
Signal: HDMI
Customized Service: Yes
Brand: Smart Display
High Light:

2x2 led video wall processor


4k led video wall processor


2x3 video processor video wall

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Smart Display
Certification: CE,FCC, Rohs. CB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Outer wooden box, middle carton, inner PE cotton
Delivery Time: 7-25
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 5000pcs/month
Product Description

2x2 2x3 3x3 4x4 audio led video wall processor hd 4k 4x4 seamless hdmi matrix and 2x2 video wall controller



1" input channel: 10 input HDMI
Output channel: 10 HDMI output"
2 The layout, size and position of different signal windows on the splicing wall can be customized. And save the customized user parameters as a scene, which is convenient for users to call with one click. In this way, the user can perform timing switching or instant calling between different scenes, so as to quickly change the display content or layout of the video wall to meet the application needs of different occasions. The output signal is fully synchronized
3 The internal video data of the splicer adopts single clock synchronization technology, all video signals are output simultaneously under the control of the system master clock, and all output ports are played in full synchronization, which fundamentally eliminates the out-of-sync between multiple display screens and avoids The tearing phenomenon when the display screen plays high dynamic images.
4 "Any output channel can be mixed and inserted to maximize the reasonable allocation of input and output resources. When configuring input and output cards, users only need to consider the total number of outputs of the chassis signal slots, and no longer need to consider the limitations of the input slots on the chassis. All output slots Both can support input cards at the same time, maximizing the use of device slot resources, bringing great flexibility and convenience to system configuration. High resolution
Support 480P~4K input. The output signal supports 640x480/85HZ to 1920x1080/60HZ high-performance professional chip"
5 Using a unique high-performance video processing chip, the chip adopts ultra-short process semiconductor technology, which can process high-definition video signals at full frame rate in real time without distortion, and all windows can be superimposed and displayed in roaming. 1. Input and output signal self-test function
6 "Support doubler frequency multiplier function
It can double the frequency and line of the input signal with low resolution and low field frequency, and the unified processing makes the image enhancement process output to the same resolution signal, which greatly improves the overall quality of the picture.
The 7 "main board adopts the self-developed huge data exchange chip technology and high-speed broadband bus, which completely eradicates the bottleneck problem of slow and unstable display speed of the splicing system caused by the low bandwidth of the data bus of the multi-screen processor. -Support device usage rights management
Administrators can customize user accounts and levels, multiple user permissions, advanced users, administrator users, ordinary users, etc."
8" power failure protection
Power-off protection function, that is, the switching device can store the last channel switching command when it is working normally. When the power is cut off due to an unexpected situation, the device will still save this command and the device will automatically return to the original switching state after power-on"
9 Adopt full hardware FPGA architecture, internal self-built core operation mechanism, excellent image processing performance. There is no built-in operating system, the startup speed is fast, and there is no trouble of hardware conflicts, blue screens, and computer viruses of industrial computer-style equipment. Mean time to failure MTBF>30000 hours, high stability, support 365x24 hours of continuous operation. -Support all output channel sharing function modular plug-in card design, input card, output card, switching card, control card, power supply, etc. all adopt modular design, which is convenient for future system upgrade and maintenance.
10 Support DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI, YPbPr, Video, HDbaseT, and other signal input formats; support DVI-I, HDMI, SDI, HDbaseT, etc. signal output. Supports seamless switching between 4K and lower resolution signals: no black field, no blue screen, no intermediate transition state during signal switching, and signal display is not interrupted.
11 Support 4K signal input, realize ultra-high-definition resolution acquisition, and realize 1*N vertical screen splicing point-to-point display, and N*M horizontal screen splicing point-to-point display.
12 Support SDI signal input and output, SDI input board supports video signal loop out.
13 Using proprietary control software, remote control can be carried out through RS232 and IP network, and the control mode supports C/S control mode. At the same time, an IOS client can be provided to realize screen setting, window opening, signal switching, scene switching and other functions. Support mobile devices (IOS/Android) to control the power on and off of the large screen through the mobile terminal software.
14 Support partial zoom-in, focusing on the content of the regional screen, which can be edited, cropped, and zoomed in to the full screen display.
15 Supports input signal status monitoring, which can monitor and display in real time whether the current input channels are valid for signal access.
16 Support functions such as EDID configuration management, input and output EDID reading, modification, etc., to maximize the compatibility of system equipment
17 Support product status monitoring, input board, output board, power supply, control card operation status and temperature monitoring, management personnel can understand the operation status of the equipment in real time. the
18 Multi-group screen management Multi-group screen management supports simultaneous control of multiple groups of splicing walls, and supports more than 8 sets of screen walls.
19 Support the pre-layout of window opening, which can quickly set the window opening interface to no less than 10 groups of pre-layouts. During the pre-layout process, the display screen of the splicing screen will not be affected. The window layout supports the window lock function. When the window is locked, the operator cannot change the window settings, and the full-screen function can be switched with one key.
20 Support the fine-grained authority division function, port authority division management personnel can freely set the operation authority of each function of the software interface, and the management personnel can set the operation authority of each interface signal source or output display screen of the input and output board to achieve more fine-grained Customized signal source and large-screen display authority division.

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